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Tripify - Travel better

4.6 ( 9056 ratings )
Reizen Diensten
Developer: Luthier Labs - Tecnologia e Informacao LTDA - ME

Discover the most amazing destinations, best things to do in each place, view photos, maps, reviews about each attraction, restaurant, park. Plan your trips step by step, define what you want to do every day, bookmark what you find cool, search hotels, share what you enjoy!

Planning, notes, expenses

Plan your itinerary in details, the way you want. Define the time, duration, add notes to each place, register expenses related to it.

AR Places

Tripify uses the power of AR (augmented reality) so you can use your iPhones camera to discover the most interesting places around you! You can search for categories such as attractions, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and you can even checkin your own places and use the camera to find it later!


Notifications by location. When we travel we highlight several places to visit. How about being notified when you are passing by the places you have bookmarked?

Reminders. Do you have a scheduled appointment on your trip? Save a reminder on any item or activity in your planning that Tripify will remind you of at the time you want.

Invite your friends

Theres only one thing better than traveling. Traveling together! Thats why Tripify has just released the most requested feature by users, which is the friend invitation. It allows friends to plan their trips together!

Add notes, share experiences

Do you like to search for what to do in each location and to save notes with tips about each place or tour? How about doing this by adding notes directly to the locations and planned items of your trip? Only on Tripify :-)


Tripify has chats for each of your trips. It’s a free space where you and all your friends of a trip can share notes, links, thoughts and plans. In addition, all chat messages are available offline, so you can read and search for any message even if you lose internet connection.

Your journeys totally accessible offline

- You can access all your planned trip information completely offline
- Even with no internet connection you will be able to see all the favorite places of a trip, what you have planned for each day, and the details of each place, such as photos, main comments and basic information such as address and phone number


- Attractions on maps: searching for what to do in the city, besides the listing, you can switch to the map and browse the cards of the main attractions of the city
- Filter by categories in the map: you can explore attractions, restaurants, nightlife and shopping directly by the city map, browsing through the items; You can also see the ones that are close to you
- Bookmark directly on the map: did you find that greate restaurant or tourist attraction near where you will be staying, or close to some other place of your interest? Bookmark it without directly in the map!
- How about planning your day-to-day itinerary directly on the map? You can do it on Tripify! Enter the day planning, open the map and add things to do that day directly on the map
- Daily itinerary: See on the map how you are getting a day trip that you are planning, including the routes between each of the places
- Find out how to get to each location: Tripify routes and guides you to wherever you want, you can also choose transportation you want to use (car, walk or bike)
- Are you offline and can not get the routes to a destination? We will not let you down. Tripify will point you in the direction of the desired destination
- Offline Maps! And yes, you can download an area of a map to access later, even if you do not have an internet connection!

Enjoy Tripify, for free!

A note on battery: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.